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CAMTOWN is a Brisbane based design studio and the side project of Cate Meehan, a registered architect in Queensland. CAMTOWN projects span art, architecture and graphic design, and often involve collaborations with Brisbane based artist Christopher R. Inwood. 
Cate is passionate about all aspects of design, and is motivated by the way people experience a space, interact with their surroundings, and engage with each other. She enjoys problem solving creatively across a number of disciplines, whether it be art, architecture or graphic design. Her work is inherently  influenced by her architectural background, with much of her work exploring the interaction of refined forms, shapes and textures. 
Each project is a collaboration driven by a different client, brief, context and motivation, and this is what makes each project so different and so exciting. Well designed spaces, visual environments and artworks are fundamental in facilitating human engagement and interaction with our surroundings. The challenge of creating this combined with the reward of seeing the results is what keeps her doing what she's doing! 
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